Adelhardt Construction | Who is Better for Construction? Trump or Clinton?

David AdelhardtThe two major presidential candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and construction industry executives like David Adelhardt and others are wondering which of the two will be better for the industry. The decision in November of this year will have a major impact on the economy, the construction industry, and every other aspect of the United States. The construction industry is watching very closely. The next president will influence major policies that affect the industry such as infrastructure spending, housing laws, and more.

Both Trump and Clinton have promised to spend more on infrastructure. Clinton has proposed a five year $275 billion infrastructure spending plan in order to fix America’s deteriorating bridges, roads and other infrastructure. Trump has yet to reveal the specifics of his infrastructure plan but has promised similar spending in transportation projects without increasing gasoline taxes.

The construction industry typically leans Republican. As of August 2016, the industry donated over $66 million to candidates, with 69% of the money going to Republicans and 30% going to Democrats. Trade unions typically favor the Democratic party, and one of the largest, the Building Trades Union already endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Adelhardt ConstructionDavid Adelhardt at Adelhardt Construction has yet to endorse a candidate, however as the candidates unveil their transportation and infrastructure plans, he may make made in the near future. Both have committed to provide infrastructure and construction industry support. Donald Trump has more of a specific background in the construction industry as well as business experience in real estate.