Best Practices in Construction

adelhardt constructionBest practices can be defined as the systems, procedures and policies that are regarded by peers in the construction industry as leading to an ideal outcome, to the point where they become widely accepted standards for the industry.In the past decade there has been a dramatic shift in best practices to incorporate new technology, and these changes have also affected how construction projects are managed and procured. The construction industry in the United States has spearheaded many of these new developments in best practices, setting an example for industries in other parts of the world.As a firm dedicated to continual improvement, Adelhardt Construction is committed to implementing the well-established best practices for the construction industry while also quickly integrating new best practices as they become available.

Below is an overview of their importance, with an overview of safety best practices as one example.

Why best practices are essential in the construction industry

Although it can be argued that best practices are a core requirement for the success of any large industry, best practices are without a doubt an essential component of the vast and impactful construction industry.

The construction industry employs approximately 7-8% of the workforce in the United States. Best practices, when properly implemented and accepted on a national level, result in an improvement in the efficiency of the construction industry as a whole and higher revenues. Any increase in revenue for the construction industry leads to beneficial effects on the economy with higher employment rates.

Best practices in the construction industry cover several different business aspects that include sustainable construction, procurement, risk management, zero accident techniques, safety and health, supply chain management, benchmarks, materials management and more.

An Example – Safety best practices

Safety is unquestionablyone of the most important business practices in the construction industry, and there are a wide range of best practices that have been adopted to ensure that construction projects are completed in the safest manner possible for workers and the public. Although a wide range of highly evolved best practices have been adopted by the industry, the reality is that construction still has one of the highest rates of injury and death compared to many occupations.

One common best practice is to provide specific safety training programs for each construction project, and for each individual worker’s role on the project. This is in addition to any certifications that may be required for a particular worker’s job on the project, as well as general safety training that employees may be obligated to participate in. Adelhardt Construction stays up-to-date with the latest safety best practices based on OSHA standards and also commonly trains workers on a project by project basis.

Construction firms that implement safety best practices fare better

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) found that firms that implement safety best practices fare almost seven times better than firms that don’t. Other best practices for risk management and procurement are just as important to the success of a firm.

david adelhardtCase studies have found that construction companies can save tens to hundreds of millions of dollars each year just from the implementation of the latest best practices. It is essential for firms in the modern construction industry to implement the latest best practices from organizations like the Construction Industry Institute (CII), as well as any OSHA or federally and locally mandated best practices, in order to stay competitive, ensure profitability, improve project outcomes, and reduce liability.

Adelhardt Construction is a general contracting, construction management, design/build, and consulting firm serving New York, New Jersey,Connecticut.



Author: adelhardtconstruction

Adelhardt Construction is a general contracting, construction management, design/build, and consulting firm serving New York, New Jersey,Connecticut.

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