What Are Sustainable Construction Practices?

Sustainability is a rapidly growing trend in the construction industry. In 2016 and beyond the construction industry will continue to move toward sustainable building materials and methods as it becomes ever important for new buildings to limit their impact on growing urban communities. The United States has become a world leader in sustainable construction methods in several regions, and Adelhardt Construction has implemented many of the latest recognized sustainable best practices with recent projects.

With over half of the world’s population residing in urban areas, it is clear that sustainable construction methods will become the foundation of long term environmental viability in the future. Construction companies that desire to be at the cutting edge of their industry must incorporate sustainable methods, and both clients and the government are increasingly rewarding the firms that have made a clear effort.

A definition of sustainable construction

Sustainable construction essentially aims to meet the current building needs of the world’s population while protecting the environment for future generations. Broader definitions of sustainable construction include the economic and social effect that it can have on world society.

Some of the issues that are covered by sustainable construction include:

  • Building maintenance and operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Construction processes and technology
  • Building materials and their performance
  • Health and safety
  • Working conditions
  • Building use flexibility

Ongoing education and the availability of knowledge and scientific studies is integral to sustainable construction and there is a large academic sector dedicated to it.


Buildings have a potential impact on the public health

It is essential to understand the potential impact of buildings on public health to further understand why sustainability is so crucial to the future of the construction industry. Construction projects affect the health of the public on three levels: the health of the occupants of the building and the workers, the health of the local community, and the health of the larger community.

The immediate health of the occupants of the building is affected by the indoor air and the materials used in the construction of the building. The physical design of the building affects the indoor airflow, particles and toxins in the air, and ventilation. Sustainable methods are used to ensure that construction air emissions are managed and that the health of the building’s occupants is taken into great consideration.

The surrounding community can be affected by the construction ofa building, particularly the air and water quality in the immediate area. The release of chemicals into the air from a poorly constructed building can occur gradually over a period of time. For example, the exhaust from HVAC systems can have VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from low quality building materials that can affect the air.

The larger global community can also be impacted by the construction of a building, as poorly constructed buildings can release toxic compounds that can bio-accumulate in ecosystems. Some toxins have a long life and can affect ecosystems that are a far distance away from the original construction site.

The goal for sustainable construction is to limit the impact that the construction of a building can have on all three of these levels by utilizing safe, minimally impacting methods and materials. Adelhardt Construction is proud to be committed toutilizing sustainable construction methods in the New York region, with sustainable technology being incorporated in several recent projects.

Adelhardt Construction is an best company for Sustainable Construction.


Innovative Construction Company

Adelhardt Construction Corporation is guided by our philosophy of equality: “We treat everyone – Clients, Subcontractors and Team Members – with respect.” We have built on this philosophy for over 80 years, developing strong partnerships and trusting relationships along the way. We understand our clients’ big picture priorities and pay careful attention to the details – delivering reliable, professional project execution. We ask the right questions and provide timely communication on what matters. Our processes, systems and structures enable our people to deliver great work on every Adelhardt Construction project in a safe and supportive environment, both in the office and on the job site.


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Completes Rebuild for Equinox at Rockerfeller Center

Adelhardt completed major construction to the soundproof enclosures in the new fitness center and cycling studio, ensuring sound from the physical activity and music will not transfer to neighboring tenant spaces. Creating a soundproof enclosure required the installation of isolated ceiling and floor. The ceiling was hung utilizing vibration isolators while a new slab was shored up with vibration isolators.

Soundproof shaft walls were installed on top of the jacked slab and tied in to the hung ceiling. This construction achieved the goal to retain sound within the spaces. This was verified by tests conducted by client’s technical team.

The Group Fitness Center consisted of installing a herringbone patterned oak floor, glass store fronts, floor to ceiling operable windows, new finishes, lighting, AV and modifications to the existing mechanical system. The Cycling Studio included high impact flooring, state of the art sound system and video, storefront, new finishes, lighting and modifications to existing mechanical system.

Adelhardt Construction

The locker room rehab included upgrades to the existing Men’s and Women’s wet and dry areas. Adelhardt removed all of the tile and waterproofing to existing slab and wall framing. New waterproofing was applied and tested prior to installation. This sequence was performed for all lavatories, shower stalls, steam rooms, and saunas. All of the work was completed between the hours of 11:00pm and 5:00am. This time schedule allowed gym members to utilize all amenities during the renovation.

“I want to thank Equinox for trusting us to work on one of their premier locations,” says Adelhardt Construction CEO, David Adelhardt, “We are honored to play a supporting role in helping New York stay fit!”

About Adelhardt Construction

Adelhardt is a third generation, family owned company founded in 1929 that has been under current management since 1998. They are educated and experienced problem solvers, made up of architects, engineers, and business people who are sensitive to the business of the clients they serve and their goals.

Adelhardt Construction Corporation is guided by its philosophy of equality: “We treat everyone equally – Clients, Subcontractors and Team Members. We respect everyone and expect the same in return.” Their philosophy has created long term relationships with clients, employees, professional firms, and subcontractors – some for over 50 years.

Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/05/prweb13430790.htm

Best Practices in Construction

adelhardt constructionBest practices can be defined as the systems, procedures and policies that are regarded by peers in the construction industry as leading to an ideal outcome, to the point where they become widely accepted standards for the industry.In the past decade there has been a dramatic shift in best practices to incorporate new technology, and these changes have also affected how construction projects are managed and procured. The construction industry in the United States has spearheaded many of these new developments in best practices, setting an example for industries in other parts of the world.As a firm dedicated to continual improvement, Adelhardt Construction is committed to implementing the well-established best practices for the construction industry while also quickly integrating new best practices as they become available.

Below is an overview of their importance, with an overview of safety best practices as one example.

Why best practices are essential in the construction industry

Although it can be argued that best practices are a core requirement for the success of any large industry, best practices are without a doubt an essential component of the vast and impactful construction industry.

The construction industry employs approximately 7-8% of the workforce in the United States. Best practices, when properly implemented and accepted on a national level, result in an improvement in the efficiency of the construction industry as a whole and higher revenues. Any increase in revenue for the construction industry leads to beneficial effects on the economy with higher employment rates.

Best practices in the construction industry cover several different business aspects that include sustainable construction, procurement, risk management, zero accident techniques, safety and health, supply chain management, benchmarks, materials management and more.

An Example – Safety best practices

Safety is unquestionablyone of the most important business practices in the construction industry, and there are a wide range of best practices that have been adopted to ensure that construction projects are completed in the safest manner possible for workers and the public. Although a wide range of highly evolved best practices have been adopted by the industry, the reality is that construction still has one of the highest rates of injury and death compared to many occupations.

One common best practice is to provide specific safety training programs for each construction project, and for each individual worker’s role on the project. This is in addition to any certifications that may be required for a particular worker’s job on the project, as well as general safety training that employees may be obligated to participate in. Adelhardt Construction stays up-to-date with the latest safety best practices based on OSHA standards and also commonly trains workers on a project by project basis.

Construction firms that implement safety best practices fare better

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) found that firms that implement safety best practices fare almost seven times better than firms that don’t. Other best practices for risk management and procurement are just as important to the success of a firm.

david adelhardtCase studies have found that construction companies can save tens to hundreds of millions of dollars each year just from the implementation of the latest best practices. It is essential for firms in the modern construction industry to implement the latest best practices from organizations like the Construction Industry Institute (CII), as well as any OSHA or federally and locally mandated best practices, in order to stay competitive, ensure profitability, improve project outcomes, and reduce liability.

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Adelhardt Construction | Tips for Managing a Construction Site

Managing a construction site is a lot of work.A good construction manager must keep the project within budget and on time.Read some tips here for managing a construction site in a better way.

Adelhardt Construction | Who is Better for Construction? Trump or Clinton?

David AdelhardtThe two major presidential candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and construction industry executives like David Adelhardt and others are wondering which of the two will be better for the industry. The decision in November of this year will have a major impact on the economy, the construction industry, and every other aspect of the United States. The construction industry is watching very closely. The next president will influence major policies that affect the industry such as infrastructure spending, housing laws, and more.

Both Trump and Clinton have promised to spend more on infrastructure. Clinton has proposed a five year $275 billion infrastructure spending plan in order to fix America’s deteriorating bridges, roads and other infrastructure. Trump has yet to reveal the specifics of his infrastructure plan but has promised similar spending in transportation projects without increasing gasoline taxes.

The construction industry typically leans Republican. As of August 2016, the industry donated over $66 million to candidates, with 69% of the money going to Republicans and 30% going to Democrats. Trade unions typically favor the Democratic party, and one of the largest, the Building Trades Union already endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Adelhardt ConstructionDavid Adelhardt at Adelhardt Construction has yet to endorse a candidate, however as the candidates unveil their transportation and infrastructure plans, he may make made in the near future. Both have committed to provide infrastructure and construction industry support. Donald Trump has more of a specific background in the construction industry as well as business experience in real estate.